Painted Music (E-Book/Supplemental Materials)

Integrated Art, Music, and Children's Literature Activities

by Aimee Curtis Pfitzner

 A fantastic new resource for elementary music teachers using Art and Music to activate Children's Literature. Aimee has chosen several of her favorite children's books and has added art activities, songs, and Orff instrument arrangements. Each activity has a complete Orff process lesson plan along with material lists, recommended art works for viewing and listening selections.

Making connections to music and art through children’s literature is a natural connection; books can be found on a plethora of subjects, in a dizzying array of genres and are rich in artistry; full of amazing illustrations, paintings, computer art, and 3-dimensional artwork. This collection is a short brush stroke on the canvas of arts and literature integration. I hope you enjoy making new connections using the books on these pages and seek out other books to create new art, music, and literature activities for your students to visually, aurally, and orally play with.

Supplemental materials are included with each book, including manipulatives, visuals, and vocal scores. Playlists for musical resources are available in iTunes and Spotify. 

Purchasers will be directed to a secure download page when the transaction is complete.The download includes the E Book in PDF and EPUB formats plus supplemental materials.

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