We Would Do Well to Listen (Book/Supplemental Materials)

A History of Orff Schulwerk in Memphis, Tennesee

by Charles Tighe

In 1968, a couple of eager young teachers made the pilgrimage to the Toronto Conservatory of Music to find out what Orff Schulwerk was all about. Nancy Ferguson and Konnie Saliba were so inspired by what they found that the Memphis Orff Program for the Memphis City Schools was born. Using Grant money, shoe leather, and inspired hard work, music education in the city of Memphis became an international movement for teacher training and innovation.

This book tells the story of Orff Schulwerk in North America. Centered on the city of Memphis and the five teachers of teachers who defined the Memphis Orff Institute, this book is well-researched, yet easy to read. It includes stories, pictures, videos, historical documents, and most importantly, scores and lesson plans from all five teachers plus some great examples from teachers who were early trainees at the Institute. 

Supplemental Materials include a photo album, the original Title III Brochure, video and audio recordings of the arrangements in the book, and historical documents that help tell the story. 

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