Musica Activa - Melodic Expression (Book/Supplemental Materials)

An Approach to Music Education

by Jos Wuytack

An original source for practitioners of Orff Schulwerk, this book provides an in-depth analysis of melody, one of the five elements of music. Each chapter outlines a specific component of melody explaining in detail how this component empowers the teaching of melody to children. The elemental melodic style presented herein allows children to experience and learn at a fundamental level. The melodic examples come from world folklore or from simple compositions with accompaniments also presented in elemental style.

Originally written in 1974, this English adaptation enables the teacher to work in a creative and active way with the children while teaching them the fundamentals of melody with joy and gravitas. Children learn through play, a teaching process explained in detailed examples. Teachers are expected to use these examples as models, changing and adapting them to the needs of their students while holding true to the integrity of the process. Using these models as a guide, teachers can create further examples using input from the students as well as their own creative resources.

English adaptation and commentary by Judy Sills 

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