Forgotten Treasures (Book)

Folk Songs, Games, and Activities for Grades 3 - 6

by Konnie Saliba

Folk songs, dances, and singing games that Orff master teacher, Konnie Saliba, has used in workshops, conferences, and Orff courses around the country are highlighted in Forgotten Treasures. Konnie's mastery of the Orff process and orchestration makes this collection of American and world folk songs as well as some seasonal songs and singing games an instant classic. Ideal for grades 3 - 6. 

The book itself is divided into four sections. “American Folk Songs” contains many folk songs teachers know, but may also have forgotten. “Folk Songs From Around the World,” has three songs with international flavor. “Holiday Songs” contains material useful during the holiday season. “Songs and Games for Fun” is a collection of proven materials enjoyable for children of many different ages."

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