Mozart Musical Workout - Rabbits (Video/Supplemental Materials)

by Evan Alboum

Energetic Music Videos for Children of All Ages!

Level - Moderate

The “Rabbits” in this video hop and run frantically in a tight space, do fake ballet and a wild version of “talk to the hand.” Be may leave you gasping for air. We use the Prestissimo Exposition of the 3rd movement of Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 5-- WITH THE REPEAT! Good luck.

The Mozart Musical Workout is a series of funny and exhilarating movements that get kids moving and grooving to the great classics. We find the special rhythmic and melodic elements in classical music and express the music’s spirit in movement. The kids might feel jumpy, like aliens are invading their bodies or lovely like they’re skipping through the grass or muscular like weightlifters. While getting exercise, the kids activate their imaginations as they create monsters, fish, rabbits, and more.

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