Mozart Musical Workout - Wedding (Video/Supplemental Materials)

by Evan Alboum

Exciting Music Videos for Children of all Ages

Level - Moderate

Mozart Musical Workout’s original signature piece. The children explore the many delightful and surprising themes of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro Overture with ever-changing choreography that includes movements like weightlifting, skipping and internal body shaking. When the music builds to such an exciting level there is no place to go but up, the children jump into the air with jumping jacks. Many, Many jumping jacks.

The Mozart Musical Workout is a series of funny and exhilarating movements that get kids moving and grooving to the great classics. We find the special rhythmic and melodic elements in classical music and express the music’s spirit in movement. The kids might feel jumpy, like aliens are invading their bodies or lovely like they’re skipping through the grass or muscular like weightlifters. While getting exercise, the kids activate their imaginations as they create monsters, fish, rabbits, and more.

The Mozart Musical Workout also works great in a non-music classroom for movement breaks in the morning, middle and end of the day wrap-ups.

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