Stand Up! (Song Book)

Songs of Justice, Peace, Wonder, Compassion, and Love

by Michael Stern

This volume is devoted especially to themes of justice, peace, wonder, compassion and love. I’ve made brief personal explanations about what inspired each song, included a few comments about writing songs, and tried to present the music in a format that is accessible, readable and sing-able for a variety of folk musicians, singers and song leaders. To that end, the scores prepared here are simply melodies with chords. They are not fully arranged for piano or four-part harmony (though a few of these songs have been more fully arranged and are available elsewhere.) We have left the music here open to individual interpretation, creativity and unique skill sets.

Included are fretboard diagrams for the less familiar guitar chords and non-standard tunings. I’ve also made program notes which in most cases will help you learn by playing along with my recordings. To that end, you can find a digitally re-mastered compilation CD Songbook Collection with all 21 of these songs in a sequence that matches this songbook.

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