The Quilt Speaks (E-Book/Supplemental Materials)

by Dr. René Boyer

A Musical Program for Treble Voices and Orff Ensemble

The Quilt Speaks highlights the ingenuity and creativity of the people instrumental in helping guide folks from enslavement to freedom along the Underground Railroad. Using quilts and songs, they were able to share important messages that kept people safe along their long journey to freedom. 

The Quilt Speaks is designed to give children an opportunity to delve into this fascinating world of historical subterfuge, secrecy, desperation, and thoughtful hope.

Journey with us as history unfolds itself and reveals the importance of a spiritual and a seemingly simple quilt square.

Children will delight in singing and accompanying themselves as they learn the languages of spirituals and quilt squares from a turbulent time in American history.

Supplemental Materials include copy-ready student song sheets, narrator scripts, and full color presentations in various formats.

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